Backing Tracks for sale

Here is a list of sites offering backing tracks for sale. Let us know if you want to add yourself, or another great site, to this list.


Karaoke Version

Karaoke Version is not just for karaoke. It provides high quality backing tracks for vocalists, guitarist and drummers, as well as versions for karaoke which include the lyrics.

Most tracks have multiple versions, with backing vocals, without etc..  Once you’ve added one version to your shopping basket you can add other versions for a fraction of the price.

Once you have purchased a track it is available in your My Files section, where you can change the key of the song before you download it. Note that the website now says key changes are unlimited, but this is not true for Custom Tracks, which still only allows +/-2 key changes.

There is also a Custom Backing Track section where the tracks are more expensive, but also provide instant, online mixing facilities to modify around 10 separate instruments, depending on the track.  A nice feature, not seen on other sites but more expensive. You can play with this even before purchase.  Check out the Comparison below which contains a Custom version of Only Girl in the World.

To find what you want on Karaoke Version, first select the type of track you are looking for from the tabs along the top, MP3 Instrumentals, Guitar, Drums or Custom.  Then type the artist or title into the search box.  There is a nice dynamic search list that appears.



The best way to search for backing tracks is to open your iTunes software, click iTunes Store in the left hand column and then use the search box in the top right hand corner.  Try typing the artist and then the words “backing tracks”, otherwise you might get more than you had bargained for.  For example, typing “madonna backing tracks” returns a whole bunch of stuff and you can click See All, Songs or Albums to refine the results.

You will notice that almost all backing tracks are not recorded by the original artist, and iTunes is full of Artists called “Backing Track Minus Vocals” and “All Star Backing Tracks”. These are not exactly catchy names for an artist but on iTunes, the name of the artist plays heavily on the search results obtained and these sellers know this; so iTunes search results are changing how people choose what they want to be called.

Once you have a list of interesting tracks move your mouse over each, and a play button will appear at the far left; click it to hear the quality of the track. You will find that your choice is fairly limited to backing tracks missing vocals, or backing tracks missing guitar. There is no personal customisation here, so make sure you listen and know what has been removed before you make your purchase.

Each artist name is a link.  If you like the sound of a track you could click this link to see all the albums or songs produced by this artist. I followed a link for Studio Sound Group to check out their Pink Floyd album only to find the famous Money had been renamed Monrey; perhaps its an in-joke that’s gone over my head.

Before you can buy from iTunes you must have an account. This is a one time process that results in an Apple ID and password, which is linked to a credit or debit card, and can be used for all purchases included songs, apps, books and everything else they sell.



Loads of good quality backing tracks, probably the biggest catalogue I’ve seen with a good deep sound on all the tracks I have heard. The site has many ways to find the track you are looking for, sorted by category, decade and gender.

There is no key change option, nor key description to tell you what it is.  In fact, apart from the title, the song has no information at all. The price is good, but make sure you contact their licensing department to check you are covered before going on-stage.


Kenny Campbell’s MP3 Backing Trax

The catalogue of backing tracks is fairly extensive, although it does appear to concentrate on a few of the most popular songs from each artist, and then duplicate them in a different key, so the true quantity is hard to calculate, or even guess at. The good news is there are quite a few free backing tracks, and this is advertised and linked to on the home page.

When browsing the catalogue, the index is at the top separated from the results list by a large advert. There is no index at the bottom but there is pagination to help you go to the next page. The menu does have options for guitar tracks, Christmas hits, medleys and all the new tracks recently added.

Backing Tracks on this site are of a reasonable quality recording and most have been recorded in two keys, the original and then another noted as suitable for either male, female or instrumental. Once you are looking at the results list, or the browse list, you will see a blue musical note at the end of the track title.  Click this to listen to the song.

I my opinion the recordings are not as good as Karaoke Version which provide a deeper, warmer, more complete sound.  Check out a comparison and decide for yourself.


The website itself is full of adverts and I’m sure why Kenny would want to distract people who have come to buy backing tracks.  Perhaps there is more money in pay-per-click advertising.

Kenny offers a custom service if the song you are looking for isn’t on his site, but with a starting price of £100 for a basic golden oldie I’m not sure how popular this service is. It is an option however, and some of you might need this option to create a song you cannot create yourself.


Music Backing Tracks

Over 10,000 songs stretching back to the 1930 and up to the present day. They have a section for singers and a section for guitarist. The quality of the tracks I have downloaded have been excellent, but if you are going to buy from MBT you should consider buying 15 tracks or more because of their price break; £3.99 for 1 track is a bit on the steep side.

The website is nice and clean with plenty of browse options on the left, and search options on the right, although you can only search by artist or title in their relevant search boxes. Once you’ve found the song you want it gives plenty of information about the song, and then a little table letting you know which vocal or guitar tracks are included or missing.

In this same table is the tiniest play button ever, don’t miss it, click on it.  This will use the Quicktime browser plugin to play a small section of the backing track so you can hear just how it sounds. If nothing happens check that your browser isn’t preventing it from running, (Google Chrome pops up a message).  Even after accepting the plugin nothing happened, not until you click the play button three more times; persistence!  It was worth the wait.


Jeff Daniels Backing Tracks

Plenty of songs, plenty of options on each song.  A varied sound from different producers and overall quite expensive at £3.50 a track. If you can find the track you want and the quality is good however, the price is not too important.


Zoom Entertainments

Ironic really, because despite being called Zoom their website is really slow and it took so long to reach a page containing song information or somewhere I could listen to the quality of the song, by the time it arrived I had forgotten why.  There was no track information, a few options for MP3, with fade out and with or without backing vocals. Luckily the playback didn’t sound too bad.

This is obviously a new site because there re only 3 FAQs, none of which were of much use except the one telling me I cannot change key of any song. I will keep checking back here because it promises to offer full customisation of tracks, and despite being aimed at karaoke it might be just the thing for gigging musicians looking for backing tracks.


Steve’s Trax

Some good quality tracks on this site but so many of them don’t allow you to listen to them first. If the play button doesn’t appear you can email Steve and he will send it to you.



A variety of CDs for sale containing various artists and backing tracks for guitarists.


Instant Download Backing Tracks

Nice looking site, but not a huge selection and plenty of empty links.  Charges £2.00 a song plus an extra £1.00 to change the key. Couldn’t find a play/demo button to listen to anything.  Some of the songs come with lyrics.



Karaoke Version Only Girl In The World (Custom Version)

Karaoke Version Only Girl In The World (MP3 Insrumental)

MP3 Backing Trax Only Girl In The World

Ameritz Only Girl In The World

MBT Only Girl In The World

Jeff Daniels Backing Tracks Only Girl In The World